Best Weighted Arm Sleeves Of 2016-2017 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

This review guide is for the readers who are looking for Best Weighted Arm Sleeves in 2016-2017. Scroll down to reveal more information on weighted arm sleeves.

You heard of weighted vest already. You know that weighted clothing can be more of only a type? Weighted arm sleeves are a new addition of weighted wears.

If you heard about it, let me apprise you more about different types of weighted arm sleeves. If not, stick with me- a complete new era of fitness solution is going to be revealed in front of yourself.

Weighted arm sleeves are usually wrist or cuff bands holding weight. A new concept of weighted arm wearing that covers whole hand is in kick-starting phase right now. That will be shown here too.

At first, check some best weighted arm sleeves below:

Best Weighted Arm Sleeves Reviews in 2016-2017

Best Weighted Arm Sleevs reviews

Why weighted arm sleeves?

The extra weight that is diffused throughout your body conveniently is always good. Specially while exercising. So, the common benefit here, whenever you do arm or forearm related workout wearing a best weighted arm sleeves- will boost the output.

Last but not the least event here. If you are a sportsman and sports that require arm strength are within your area of expertise, weighted arm sleeves are a must for you. Trust me, the result will be remarkable.

Say, you are golfer. Try to swing wrapping your hand with a weighted arm sleeve. You will be a better swinger from now in no days. Why? It’s because weighted arm sleeves help to enhance arm strength in a controlled way.

Say you are a boxer, a mixed martial artist or a weight lifter. Try to practice wearing weighted arm sleeve what you did bare-handed before. I ain’t saying nothing no more. I am sure you will feel a new improved yourself and you will come again here just to say thanks.

Top 6 Best Weighted Arm Sleeves Recommend For You in 2017 

Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights – Most Adjustable Weighted Arm Sleeves

valeo-adjustable-anklewrist-weightsHear the feature later. You can wear the Valeo adjustable wrist weights on your ankle too.

Weights filling the Valeo adjustable wrist weights are short and convenient in size. Up to four to twenty pounds can be held on each sleeve. The weight pockets are very strategically fit and the weights are contained very compactly. You do not need to worry of the weights falling off.

The weights are padded here. If you want to fit the Valeo adjustable wrist weights under your shirt, then I am afraid you cannot do that.

If you run out of weight or you need extra weights in any case, they are sold as pair. Get for yourself anytime you want.

  • Weights are padded softly for additional comfort
  • Only 1 size available and this fits all. You do not need to worry about fitting here
  • Adjustable D-ring. Metal finished
  • No additional assembly is required. Additional assembly offers more flexibility but this is designed such that some can just wear and hit the road
  • Washable. Wrists are sweat friendly area. Obviously, your wrist will sweat while working out wearing the Valeo adjustable weighted sleeve. No need to be worried here either. You can wash the weighted wrist wear as many time as you want
  • It will not be fit under most shirt though. Your choice.
  • This is the best weighted arm sleeves in my opinion.

Zensufu Wrist Weights Pair Set With Adjustable Strap

zensufu-wrist-weights-pair-set-with-adjustable-strapAnother wrist weight option with ankle fit option here. These are sold as pair. And the pair comes with nicely decorated black carrying pouch. It is sold one sized but the good part is it fits all.


I am a very big fan of Velcro straps since it is a very premium attachment solution. It is commonly used on some very premium weighted vest like Hyperwear weighted vest (internal dia dis).

The weights of ZENSUFU WRIST WEIGHTS PAIR SET WITH ADJUSTABLE STRAP are not adjustable. They are sewn inside. You might see it as a drawback.

Weights are padded here very nicely. Like the Valeo adjustable wrist weight, you will be unable wear it under your shirt but it is very comfortable while exercising.

  • Velcro straps for attachment. Premium attachment option with structural fitting.
  • Comes with a travel pouch. Carrying wrist weights is always a hassle. It’s been alleviated here
  • Different weight options for different types of people. (1.0/2.0/3.0/5.0 pounds) A wide range of people accepted. Male or female, one solution for everybody
  • Fast wearing supported design. Put on in seconds
  • Durable fabric
  • Adjustable strap, great fit
  • Weights are not adjustable here and are sewn into the sleeve. Again, your choice.

Adidas Wrist Weights – Best Weighted Arm Sleeves For The Money

adidas-wrist-weightsMighty sports giant ADDIDAS is not fallen behind here. Recently they entered with their new product ADDIDAS wrist weights. And you know what? It is devoid of most of the drawbacks about which people complained the most.

Ergonomic, user friendly design. In my opinion, it is the most convenient wrist weight in design. It is very comfortable; the most comfortable weighted wrist wear you can wear all day.

It is made of a soft foam-ish material that conforms the shape of the body. And the most promising thing is, it can be worn under your clothing!! A long cherished feature most people craved for long.

Velcro straps for lock and loaded wearing. Move as much as you want.

Each sleeve contains 2 pounds of weight. And additional weight attachment option is available here. If you want to add additional weight, you can. Additional 1 pound weights are available.

  • The Best wrist weight that has overcome all previous wrist weight drawbacks
  • Ergonomic, user centric design. Aesthetic outlook
  • Very comfortable.
  • Velcro straps
  • Body shape accommodating fabric
  • Additional weight attachment option
  • Can be worn as ankle weights
  • Available in one size that fits all
  • NONE

Thera-Band Comfort Fit Wrist Cuff  Weights Sets – Most Comfortable Weighted Arm Sleeves

thera-band-comfort-fit-wrist-cuff-weights-setsThera-band fit wrist cuff weights are widely known for their comfort. These cuffs are sold as pair. Each contains two pounds, three pounds or five pounds. Lenient weights selection for the users.

Made from soft neoprene. Here’s mentionable about neoprene- it is very soft. And the interior is much softer. Moreover, it can absorb sweat.

Another additional feature is- these sleeves have reflective striping safety precaution. So outside exercisers are warmly welcome to continue exercising outside.

It is slim. Can be worn under shirt. If you do want other to see you are wearing one, there’s your flexible option.

Velcro straps are also available. Premium strap solution. Velcro straps provide easy and quick wearing and removal. They enhance durability too.

  • Very comfortable. Most comfortable of the list
  • Reflective stripping safety precaution
  • Slim
  • Velcro straps
  • 2, 3 and 5-pound weight carrying wrist weight can be purchased
  • Weird looking.

Da Vinci Adjustable Wrist Weights – Softness Overloaded

da-vinci-adjustable-wrist-weightsVelcro straps are also available here. Premium attachment option with great outlook.

It is also sand filled. The fabric used is soft and it conforms the body shape. No free space between your wrist and the weight. No embarrassment.

Like the Zensufu weighted wrist, it also gives its users flexibility. Different weight options are available here. It gives its user more weight options than the zensufu. 1-5 lbs weight options are available with the addition of 1.5 lbs selecting capability for each sleeve.

Available in one size and that fits all.

Moisture absorbing fabric material. Won’t be wet from your sweat.

It can also be worn on the ankles

  • The Da vinci wrist weight is the most feature enriched weighted wrist among all.
  • Velcro straps
  • Soft, body conforming fabric made
  • Different weight options (1/1.5/2/3/4/5 pounds)
  • Available in one size that fits all. No additional harassment for selecting the perfect size
  • Moisture absorbing fabric
  • Internally sewn sand weights, lays inside
  • The weights are attached internally. You will be unable to remove the weight. So spot cleaning is the only cleaning option here.

Nma Cuff  Weights – Heavy Duty Weighted Arm Sleeves

nma-cuff-weightsHere is a wide type of variety accepting option. NMA cuff weight can be worn in wrists, ankles or thighs. Want to know another aspect of variety? You can purchase NMA cuff weight starting from .25 pound to 25 pounds.

Weights are unremovable here. It stays locked within the sleeve. So, move as much as you want. Whack yourself exercising, the weights will be in place as it was.

Velcro straps are also available here. The NMA cuff weight is made of sweat resistant slick fabric. The weights are sewn with double stitching, so durability will not be an issue here.

Every NMA cuff weight contains grommet or whatever they call it. What it does is helping you storing the cuff weights. Easy hanging option for everyone.

  • Many weight option (best in the list) – .25 pound to 25 pounds with .5 pound increment on an average
  • Velcro straps
  • Can be worn on wrist, ankle and thigh
  • Grommet for hanging
  • Double stitching
  • Color coded
  • Weights are unremovable. You might face problem while washing


All of the wrist weights mentioned above are the best weighted arm sleeves available right now. All of them are wrist weight or wrist/ankle wearable weight wear.

Some can be worn on thighs too. But recently another weighted arm sleeves have been launched. It is the SPRI PERFECT FIT ARM WEIGHTS.

You can wear it in your arms or forearms. Since it is a new product, there are some flaws has been detected of the product and SPRI authority is doing their best to overcome the flaws.

You may buy one too and find that if it fits perfectly for you. If yes, Great! If not, please maintain what is the problem and what should be done. Your opinion matters the most.

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