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best weighted vestAre you looking for best weighted vest brands?

Weighted put vest or simply weighted vest, is a new accessory in the exercise related industry.

These can be that remarkable exercise extension that will boost the output. The whole concept of weighted vest just turns the picture totally around.

Check this weighted vests reviews to see how.

WHY Weighted Vest???

There is an utter truth, that “there is no shortcut while exercising”. Actually, it was the reality, it is the sheer truth. But not anymore. Behold these weighted vests.

The weighted vest has turned this utter truth into an arrant prejudice.

Now there is shortcut while exercising and the name of the shortcut is the Weighted vests. They actively enhance the effort you made while exercising, and boost the output.

There are four types of exercise. They are,

  • Strength building exercises
  • Endurance enhancing exercises
  • Flexibility improving exercises
  • Balance increasing exercises

Among these four- strength, endurance, and flexibility improving exercises can be benefited by wearing weighted workout vests.

Compare The Best Weighted Vest Brands in 20182 – Review Guide

Best Weighted Vest 2017

#1 Hyperwear Weighted Vest – (Editor’s Pick)

Weighted vests are great. But a common complaint is always floating around among its’ users. Whether it is the best brand, it is always a bit bulky to move around freely.

It was acceptable anyway. Cause to put weights within a clothing, it is obvious that it will consume some space, right? It is a paradox. It is uncomfortable but we cannot but omit the discomfort.

But our friend Hyperwear co. here has taken the issue seriously and provided us with a user-friendly solution.


The name of the solution here is the Hyperwear weighted vest. It is also known as the HyperVest PRO. It is currently the best for its user-centric design.

It is very comfortable. And the greatest feature among all is, it is very compact and concise by structure.

It is the slimmest. So, you can move freely, whatever workout you are doing. And in my opinion, it should be the first feature of a clothing vest should subsume.

Hyperwear weighted vests are comprised with tiny little weight pockets. The weights themselves are also very little in size.

Whenever taking murph exercise or crossfit in count, it is the best workout vest for murph. It is the best workout vest for crossfit too. The design of the Hyperwear weighted vest supports it to be worn under shirts.

  • Patent protected SLIM design!!!
  • Side ventilation
  • Unisex design
  • Wide variety of different sizes
  • Easily washable
  • Choosing the right size for yourself can be of a perplex at first. Otherwise the Hyperwear weighted vest carries no drawback.

Make your muscles capable to take anything and all- using these weighted vests for workout. Any workout that includes weight lifting is strength building exercise. The weight to be lifted can be extra weight or your own body weight.

The countable matter here is, to add some extra little weight that will grab your body around and boost the result.

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#2 Valeo WV40 Weighted Vest

Valeo WV40 Weighted Vest
Thinking about the breathability?

Wanna know the name of another weighted vest that possesses the built structure alike the Hyperwear one?

The structure and design of Valeo WV40 weighted vest quite similar with the Hyperwear weighted vest. It is also filled with tiny pockets. Though the pockets are not that small like those of Hyperwear weighted vest.

But it is still small than other usual weighted vests and the impressive thing is it can hold up to 40 pounds. That makes it one of the perfect weighted vest for pushups.

It is made of breathable mesh. So, proper airflow is assured. Weight adjustment is quite easy.

You can put in or out weights as according to your comfort and capability quite easily. There are four adjustable front clip belts to strap around your body firmly. While working out wearing a weighted vest, it is a very important fact.

Additional comfort issue here.

The shoulder is padded so that extra pressure won’t affect the comfort. The weighted vest is very much balanced at every significant aspect.

Choosing the perfect size is not a problem here as one size fits the most. The adjustable front clip belts are helpful in these regards. Adjust the belt as your body type and fitness, getting proper fit won’t be a matter then.

  • Weight adjustment up to 40 pounds
  • Four front belts to adjust properly
  • Shoulder padding
  • Made of breathable mesh
  • Front adjustment belts’ clips are placed at front over chest and tummy. To wear or put off, it might be a hassle to unhook the belts every time for somebody.
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#3 GoFit Adjustable Weighted Vest – Top Running Weight Vest

GoFit Adjustable Weighted Vest
A different type of design at its best here.

Another top class weighted vest for workouts. It is not identical with the Hyperwear weighted vest or the Valeo one.

But it is very smoothly finished and the weights are very widely distributed. The smooth neoprene padding actively removes the fraction related discomfort whenever the hands touched the vest.

Want maximum comfort?

It feels like the weights are just hanging with your body without any extra stress. Exercise wearing the GoFit Adjustable Weighted Vest to add extra weight without bothering about the adjacent vest. The simple design and finishing are the main usefulness here.

Worrying about fitting?

Double closure design allows the vest to be gender unbiased weighted vest and it’s very easy to put on or off. Ensuring comfort is the main focus here and the double closure straps just enhances comfort here. So, it can be a best weight vest solution for pushups.

  • Can hold up to 40 pounds
  • Neoprene padding for total comfort
  • Double closure straps
  • Conic steel shot packets that conform to body
  • It is somewhat short in size. It is a good thing while running. But for cardio workouts, some might find it less helpful. It is completely up to one’s perception and comfort.
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#4 RUNFast/Max Pro Weighted Vest – Good For Workout

RUNFast-Max Pro Weighted Vest

Here is a tiny but massive weighted vest for you.

Max pro weighted vest from the manufacturer RUNFast. RUNFast is known for manufacturing some weighted vests for running.

But the sleek and minimalist design and extra weight carrying option here makes the Max Pro Weighted Vest one of the top weighted vests for the workout.

It is also a great weighted vest option for running. And it is very cheap. This versatility makes the RUNFast max pro weighted vest currently.

There is two modification option in terms of shoulder padding. You can purchase with or without shoulder padding. I would suggest you buy the one with the shoulder padding.

It will increase the efficiency concerning the comfort.

There are two separate designs of this weighted vest. The 12-pound model is the slimmest between these two. Other weight options are off the same model.

  • Affirmatively congested build design. You can move freely while wearing it
  • Weight pockets are intelligently distributed throughout the vest. Great architecture!
  • Up to 60-pound weight option
  • Two separate design available. 12-pound model and rest of the weight options are of same design. 12-pound model is very suitable for running
  • 12-pound model is the most suitable for workout but it cannot be filled with more than 12-pound. It would be great if this design could contain more than 12-pound.
Grow up a stamina inside like a pro marathon runner – using these weighted vests for Running in this portion of weighted vest reviews, I will be talking about endurance enhancing exercises and the best weight vests that are capable of being your partner in endurance enhancing.

Endurance enhancing exercises are designed to increase your stamina. And these weighted vests for running are designed to weigh up the pressure to the key portions of your body, which actively affect your endurance all the way to the top.

While running or brisk walking, comfortable movement of your body matters the most. These weighted vests are designed keeping the fact in mind. You won’t feel stress while moving wearing these weighted vests for running. All of them are further weight adjustable.

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#5 MiR Short Adjustable Weighted Vestmir adjustable weighted vest
Be known about the best weighted vest for running?

MiR Short adjustable weighted vests come first. The main thing that makes it as weighted vests for walking or running is its compact design. It is super short. This feature allows you to freely move your body while running or walking. Weights are distributed intellectually upon the chest.

You can habitually bend and sprint freely while sprinting. The weights will lie on to your chest portion and influence the outcome.

Let’s focus on to other features of the MiR Short adjustable weighted vests. There is double padding throughout the entire vest. It is a very intelligent addition I’d say.

Since it is built for running, optimum coziness is a countable fact and it is handled pretty well by the double padding.

Want to know how compact it really is?

Saying again, it is super compact. It is only 11-inches in length. Maximum portability and mobility. Another good thing is the fitting. It is very comfy and tight. Tight fitting is a must as it is a running weighted vest and the MiR short adjustable weighted vest ensures a snug comfortable fit.

  • Weight capacity up to 60 pounds. (50 lbs preloaded in 50-lbs model)
  • Double padding to assure optimum comfort
  • Sleek compact design, Only eleven inches in length
  • Weights are distributed at both front and back on upper body
  • One size fits the most
  • Weight adjustment option available in 3lbs increments
  • There is another model existing of the MiR weighted vest. They are much longer in length and can be filled with more weight. It would be great if more weight could be adjusted in the same model described above.
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#6 SKLZ Weighted Vest– Adjustable Weighted Vest

SKLZ Weighted Vest

Another super short weighted vest to build your endurance.

This time, it is super cheap too. The Super short design let you move freely according to your will. Whether walking or running, The SKLZ Weighted vest has the ability to assist you all the way.

Now about subtle design features.

Breathability is a very important matter. Especially whenever it has to be a best weighted vest for walking or running. Maximum airflow should be ensured. It is made of reinforced nylon and mesh.

So, no need to be worried about the breathability.

Now about the fitting and other subtle design factors.

There are soft and bound edges for extra comfort. While working out, usual fractions between your arm and the vest edge is not a regular happening.

But if you intend to wear a weighted vest while running, your arms will face the vest edges on a regular basis and that is why a soft edge is required for these weighted vests.

  • Cheap, very affordable price
  • Nice texture, beautiful amalgamation of reinforced nylon and mesh for breathability
  • Soft and round edges that alleviate fractional stress
  • VELCRO belt to assure the comfortable and tight fitting
  • The weight pockets are stretchable. Quickly remove or add weights
  • .5-pound increment allows maximum weight adjustment freedom
  • Only 10lbs in total. This can be a problem for somebody
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#7 Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest

Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest

Hiking lovers focus acutely here

The Cross 101 adjustable weighted vest is available in two different models. Like the RUNFast/Max pro weighted vest, 12 pounds’ model and 40/50/60 pounds model. Anyway, the build quality and design of 40-pounds’ model is very much impressive.

I will be covering that model of the Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest. This particular model can be considered as weighted vests for hiking.

Was saying about the unique design.

Let me explain how it will help you while hiking. The weight pockets are usable for other purposes too. The vest can be filled with up to 60-lbs weight.

Say you don’t want to put that much weight. The pockets are designed as such they can contain water bottles. Easily accessible design, very much convenient. And this versatility lets this particular model being the

The pockets are designed as such they can contain water bottles. Easily accessible design, very much convenient. And this versatility lets this particular model is the best for hiking.

  • Iron Ore weights. 4lbs increment option.
  • Up to 60 pound (Check for the latest availability)
  • Belt attached one piece design. Great convenience! Easy setup!
  • Width: Thirteen inches, Unisex design that fits all
  • Again saying, it is one of the best weighted vests for hiking. So, some might find the design too bulky
Want to be flexible like gymnasts?

Try these weighted vests for a stretched calf or upper arm Flexibility exercises can be shoulder, calf or arm stretch. Another flexibility exercise can be Yoga.

I am afraid yoga cannot be benefited by weighted vests. But the shoulder, calf or upper arm stretch exercises can. The key thing here is to distribute the weights around the tummy and to put the pressure on to shoulder directly while doing flexibility increasing exercises.

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#8 ZFO Sports Adjustable Vest – The 40 lb weight vest

ZFO Sports Adjustable Vest
Looking for the most appropriate fitting? Check ZFO weighted vest reviews

The main significance of having a ZFO weighted vest is its adjustability. It stays on your body as it should. The weights are distributed at the lower part of the vest. They directly put pressure on to your shoulder. Perfect choice for flexibility exercises.

Fitting is the most important factor of a weighted vest for flexibility increasing exercises. I will focus on It’s fitting species especially are Velcro belts for perfect fitting. Velcro belts are the best material for tight fitting right now. It is used here in the ZFO weighted vests.

You are slightly short than the usual, ZFO is here to ease you

Another significant thing about its adjustability of short people. Shorter people find the ZFO weighted vest much comfortable than the others. Usually weighted vest manufacturers often overlook the issue but the ZFO weighted vest here does not do it.

  • Velcro belts for tight fitting
  • Cheap price!!
  • Single design that fits the most
  • 2.5 weight increment
  • Overhead removal. Some might find it uncomfortable
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#9 HumanX Weight Vest – With Adjustable Belt

HumanX Weight Vest

The last of the list. Last, but not the least. The HumanX weight vest is another weighted vest which is capable of boosting your flexibility all the to the top. It is designed keeping the key factors in mind that actively helps shoulder/calf or upper arm stretch.

Since it is flexibility enhancer weighted vest, its adjustability is also top quality. There are top quality belts which is slightly wider than the usual.

It ensures extra tight fitting. It can be enclosed tightly that put the weights adjacent to your body without slight movement. And that is what is needed the most for flexibility exercises.

There are three models available.

  • 10lbs weight capacity in total with .5lb increment
  • 20lbs weight capacity in total with 1lb increment
  • 40lbs weight capacity in total with 1lb increment
  • Different increment option for different type of necessity
  • Marvelous exemplar of tailoring excellence. It comes with fully adjustable shoulder straps. Belts are of neoprene. It nicely adopts the shape of your body and stays there.
  • Dual-padded shoulder and chest enclosure
  • There is only one color available. And it is blue. Some might find the color too shabby or childish.
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What is the Trusted Weighted vest brand for wearing under clothes?

I think weighted vests are cool. It looks cool, it feels cool.

Anyway, different human possesses different perception and many want their weighted vest to wear under clothes. For them, Titin weighted shirt has brought a very nice solution. TITIN Force weighted shirt is the solution here.

It is the no. 1 weighted vest brand to wear under clothes.

It can be worn under the shirts. And trust me, it looks grand. The weights are placed such, you will be a cool looking fitness dude in no time.

Reveal for yourself by wearing one.

What are the Weight vests for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis?

Do you know that weighted vests are also useful for some other purpose?

It is very effective to reduce the pain of osteopenia patient. Osteopenia or osteoporosis refers to the lesser bone density than the usual. Many people are suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis. And wearing a best weighted vest for osteopenia can reduce the pain and strengthen your weak bones.

The main point is, the weights should be distributed equally. If a vest is designed such that the weights lay all over the body, it can be a best for osteopenia. According to this, the HyperWear weighted vest is the best weighted vest for osteopenia.

Consider the following tips before buying a weight/clothing vest

There’s been enough chitchat regarding which weighted vest to buy and which is not, throughout the whole article, right?

But now something urges inside me to let you know about the basic guide to choose the best weighted vest out there. Keep these basic things in mind while trying to buy a weighted vest for yourself,

Design and comfortabilityWeight capacityBody type
It’s the most important fact. The weighted vest might help you to crank your exercise output, but if that is not proper comfortable as well- all dies in vain. You are not superhuman species and uncomfortable weighted vest may result pain or ache in different portion of your body
Weight capacity: Here is another important factor. There are always different weight options available for a certain weighted vest. Pick up the right one. Anyway, don’t worry if you choose a higher one than your capacity
Different body type matters while choosing the comfortable weighted vest for yourself. If you are remarkably tall or slightly on the shorter side- check if the weighted vest you are going to buy supports your body type

That is all you need to know about weighted vests. So, why are you still waiting for. Put on the weighted vest designed only for you. Go out or enter inside, and – obviously, workout the breath out of yourself.