[Updated] Buyer’s Guide 2018: Best Weighted Vests For Running

Best Weighted Vests For Running

Are you seeking for the Best Weighted Vests For Running? Then this guide is only for you. Scroll down to reveal more information on weighted running vests.

weighted vest for running

So you want to enhance the output of jogging with a weighted vest. Undoubtedly jogging is the best exercise of all forms of workout. Each and every portion of your body gets benefitted while you run or jog-whatever you might call. But, the problem is running is not an easy exercise and it will make you out of breath if you are a beginner

Best Weighted Vests For Running-Best Buy in 2018

Jogging seems to be the hardest exercise until you manage to suit yourself. So, since you put this much effort into it, the question is – is there any way to increase the output of this arduous exercise?

The answer is yes. These best weighted vests for running are the answer to the question. The regular usage of the weighted vests given below will boost your fitness and the outcome of your jogging.

Running Weighted Vest Comparison in 2018

These are the most useful weighted vests for cardio exercises so far by now. All of them are perfectly suitable for jogging. All you have to do is to choose wisely, which weighted vest will be perfect according to how you run.

The common sign that all of the weighted vests mentioned above possess the basic requirements to be a best weighted vest for running.

These requirements are the comfort, the materials the vest is made of and total weight.

After ensuring these basic requirements, each of the weighted vests focuses on different types of runner community.

There are some types of running. Different people run differently. There is short sprinting, there is long distance jogging or marathon speedy walking.

The weighted vests mentioned above are specialized on different types of jogging. I will be trying to reveal your type and suggest specialized weighted vest for your type.

I will specify which weighted vest for running would be the best or the most suitable for you.


01. Hyperwear Hyper PRO Vest – Most Adjustable Weighted Vest

The Hyper Vest PRO comes first. It is widely known as the Hyperwear weighted vest among professional runners. It is my top choice.It occupies the position of the best weighted vest for running for its versatility. It is the slimmest weighted vest among all yet can be the most weighed.The design of this vest is impressive and so variable that every runner can use it. Check below for detailed usage of the Hyperwear Weighted vest.

hyperwear weight vest review

  • Slimmest: A best weighted vest that can also be best for this type of cardio exercise, has to be compact in size. While running, if there is any clothing or bagging that swings is very much annoying for the runner. So the compact the weighted vest is, the most suitable for jogging it is.The Hyperwear weighted vests are the slimmest and the most compact weighted vest available right now. So undoubtedly it is the top position occupier currently.
  • Weight distribution: Ambient weight distribution is another special requirement for a running weighted vest. As jogging is such exercise where each and every portion of your body gets moved. So a little mishap on weight distribution can be dangerous. A little bit excessive weight here and a little bit reduced weight there can be very harmful to your body and cause numerous pain.There are many tiny pockets all over a Hyperwear weighted vest that can be filled with tiny zinc plated weights. Distribute them wisely, put weights on your ability and you are all good to go. Start moving around wearing your Hyperwear weighted vest.
  • Tight fitting: Fitting is another important factor that makes a regular weighted vest a specific running weighted vest. If your weighted vest is not fit you properly and hangs unplanned here and there, it will swing while you run.There different sizes of Hyperwear weighted vests. It is suggested to choose one’s size carefully and then purchase the perfect suitable size. Still, there are side laces though. So need to be worried about fitting. Tighten those two side laces as much as you want to tighten.


N: B: There are much more remarkable spectacular features available of the Hyperwear weighted vest. Only important features that affect running is given here

If you are in a hurry and want a running weighted vest FAST!!! Just buy a hyperwear weighted vest. It manages all type of jogging.

If you are a professional runner and LOVE to mix up your jogging, seeking a best running weighted vest solution, the Hyperwear weighted vest is the one you should crave for.

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02. Box Super Short Weighted Vest – best weighted running vest

Here is another spectacular weighted vest for running. And the good part about this weighted vest is it’s super short. Said earlier, a cool weighted vest for jogging must have to be compact in size. It is the first requirement. Check other specialty of the Box super short Weighted Vest below

 Box Super Short Weighted Vest

  • Short: The Box super short weighted vest is super short. Usually, short weighted vests are not so an ideal choice for regular exercise, the sort of exercise you do in Gyms. But whenever it comes to jogging, Short weighted vests are the one you should look for.
  • Weight distribution: There is a layer of weight option available for Box super short weighted vest. If you wear it perfectly, the weights will surround your rib.So, if you are a sprinter. This little vest will serve you as much as you never imagined. While you sprint, the vest should occupy your body as little as possible. Same words go for the weight. All the weights will be situated around your lower chest. As sprinting bends your body more than long distance running, you are more than good to go with the Box super short weighted vest.
  • Fitting: Now about the fitting. It is designed specifically for CrossFit. It is fully padded so there will be no unnecessary fraction. Straps are of great quality.Straps here are really military grade. They will not fall off. Lock and load the box super short weighted vest anytime and start jogging.

So jeez here? It is simply the best weighted vest for the sprinters.

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03.Speed-vest™ By Ironwear

Speed-vest™ By Ironwear 

Ironwear speed vest. It works as it is named. It is armed with iron weights and meant to be speedy!!!The straps are built well so that you can stretch as much as you want without worrying about the vest falling off of your body.
Check what other benefits an Ironwear Speed-Vest offers
  • Versatile purposeWell, it is more of a complete package rather than being just a running weighted vest. It is made for sportsmen who do various sort of sports. It will cover your whole torso. A perfect body coverage solution for sportsmen where runners can be benefited too. How? It is described in the next section.
  • Weight distribution: Just mentioned that the Ironwear speed-vest will cover your whole torso. It is needed whenever you move every inch of your body it is required to be put similar pressure or weight wherever the body is moved.important note: it is important to pressurize every portion of your upper body identically if you do a lot of sports and intend to do it wearing a weighted vest. Imbalanced weight distribution results in different ache in afflicted areas. So it is recommended to use Ironwear speed-vest or similar weighted vests while sporting.
  • Fitting: well-built solid straps will ensure lock n loaded fitting that will not fall off. It prevents unnecessary fraction between you and your weighted vest.

So whenever jogging is in the count, Ironwear speed-vest will do great.

It is highly effective for speedy walk. It is because it covers your whole upper body and whenever you run slowly or just jog, your body is moved much and more frequently than it is in sprinting.

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04. SKLZ Weighted Vest– Variable Weight Training Vest

Here is another short weighted vest. Short weighted vests are always an ideal choice for jogging, specially while sprinting.Check below for more

SKLZ Weighted Vest

  • Short: said before, short weighted vests are not recommended for regular exercise, the exercises are done in Gyms require such weighted vest which covers a bigger portion of the body. But whenever it comes to running, short weighted vests are the carrier of the most efficient solution.
  • Weight distribution: Unlike the shoulder strap area, everywhere contains weight pockets. That means you can put weight wherever you want. It distributes the weights throughout your body evenly. So weight distribution here is good.Additionally, the weight pockets are stretchable. It enables someone to put or remove weights quickly. Flexible weight addition or removal option is always better.
  • Fitting: Velcro belts come again here. Velcro belts are used here. Told you about Velcro belts while describing the Hyperwear Weighted Vest. Velcro belts are a premium strap solution itself and nothing can be better whenever Velcro belts are used.


There’s your answer about the fitting of the SKLZ weighted vests.

The SKLZ weighted vests are made of reinforced nylon and these are off mesh design. It ensures maximum breathability. Best option after the Hyperwear Weighted vest for people who sweat excessively.

 The edges of the weighted vest are softbound. It manages extra comfort. Better option than the Box super short weighted vest if you want to jog more comfortable wearing a weighted vest.

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So the bottom-line? Well, if you are still skeptical about whether weighted vests while running is really effective or not,I would say that thousands of professional runner cannot be wrong. But if this sort of stat is not able to ease you or soothe your doubt. You better start going out wearing these vests.

I do not know about other weighted vests, if they are able to increase the output of your running or not. But if you wisely pick up a weighted vest from these best weighted vests for running mentioned above according to how you run, I am sure all of your doubt will be gone.

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