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A default question often floods us. People keep asking about how they ensure a perfect fit for their dog when they want to purchase a dog-weighted vest. At first, I answered the question each by each by throwing some simple questions to them. I asked them about the girth of their dog, the weight of the dog and some other question and then ended up by suggesting a dog-weighted vest to them.

Whenever trying to answer those questions, I found out that people get puzzled to answer their dog’s girth. Actually, it is a kind of perplexing to measure a dog’s girth. It is an important fact that actively affects the size of the dog-weighted vest. So it has to be perfectly measured or at least nearer.

That is why I have been sensing the necessity of a detailed procedure for measuring a dog’s girth. I have prepared an infographic for all of you. It will minimize the trouble faced while trying to measure a dog’s girth. Average girth of several common dog types is given along with it. It will help you to be completely sure that you are measuring your dog’s girth right. Just measure the girth and match whether it matches your dog’s breed.

Check out the following sizing chart,

Dog’s girth size infographic

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