Weighted blanket size chart: How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

How heavy should a weighted blanket be

Being attached with weighted blankets for quite a lot of time, the most frequent question I confront a lot is, “How heavy should a weighted blanket be?” I tried to answer the question scattered, to a lot of people – but the answer was always the same.

A basic concept about this and brief explanation will be given here. Hope it will soothe down the quest for the answer of all, who still seek the correct estimation of their weighted blanket.

How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be

Simple formula:

There is a very simple formula or mold to determine the perfect weight of a weighted blanket. It is straightly related to the weight of the user who is going to be using the weighted blanket.

For kids: 10% of his/her body weight plus 1-2 lbs

For adults: 10% of his/her body weight.


N: B: The thing mentionable here, it’s just a basic measurement. The ultimate purpose of using a weighted blanket is to comfort yourself if you are not suggested a weighted blanket by your therapist in term of helping you out with certain difficulties. So, at the end of the day, you are the one who figures what makes you comfortable. Always feel free to add or reduce some weight on in accordance with your comfort.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be

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Does the formula above hold proper legitimacy?

Before jumping right onto the breakdown of the formula of getting the ‘right-sized weighted blanket’, let’s hear out a word or two about the legitimacy of ‘weighted blankets’ itself.


The concept of weighted blankets

The main concept of a weighted blanket is plain and simple. And believe it or not, it is obtained from that very same comfort of being loved. You might be clueless by now, I mean, what the heck, eh? But the thing is, weighted blankets are originated from the science behind the secure feeling of getting loved, getting a firm hug from the person you love.

Let’s spare emotional bondage here, let’s delve into the scientific speculation of why we feel happy and secure after securing a strong hug. It’s all about pressure. Whenever your buddy hugs you, or your mom or soulmate, whoever, the hug comes with a gentle pressure and you feel invulnerable. You feel that nobody can harm you now while you are closest to the person you love.

The human mind likes to overlay things and feelings according to previous experience. Maybe you are also one of the victims (or should I say, beneficiary) too. Let’s imagine a person with height phobia. If he/she ever get on to an airplane, and get traumatized because of his/her height phobia – It is possible that the person might face the same trauma again just by hearing the sound of an airplane passing by far up above. So, why did that happen? It’s because the brain here, has gotten accustomed to the sound negatively and whenever it hears the sound, it just brings up that horrendous experience and suffers.

If you still want the perfect example, it has already been said earlier. The one about the hug from your beloved ones. You feel a pressure upon you physically, it gets almost similar to the hug you usually get, voila! Your brain has found the desired hug you cherish. And exactly this is the main concept behind weighted blankets, this is the main reason why weighted blanket is helpful in term of anxiety or depression.


Continued: Does the formula above hold proper legitimacy?

Now, let’s break down the formula. Ants can carry weight 5000 times their body weight. Well, we aren’t ants, and while using a weighted blanket – carrying weight is not our main goal. Comfort is the main thing we seek while using a weighted blanket and being said all that, 10% of one’s body weight is the optimal weight that brings comfort. By implementing trial and error method, this proportion is found to be the perfect weight for most of the people.

So, usually, this formula is perfect for you too. Anyway, as I said earlier and still bragging about – it is all about your comfort. Extra one or two pound is never too much that will bring havoc. Feel free to add or remove weight as per your pleasure.

For kids, it is suggested to put on an extra one or two lbs by default. Therapists may recommend for weighted blankets for many reasons – anxiety, autism etc. But usually we people try weighted blankets for a much better sleep, most of the time we buy weighted blankets for our kids to serve the same purpose too. Remember how your mom tried to lull your younger brother or sister, or if you are a mom yourself, you know well how to put your precious child to sleep. Ever wonder why a pillow is put on to the kid or why we need to roam our hand over our beloved child and hit him gently to lull him/her?
It’s because extra weight helps children to sleep. They require more weight according to their total body weight comparing adults.

That is why kids need an extra one or two lbs in their weighted blanket.


Weighted blanket size chart:

By implementing the formula above, a chart can be introduced to reduce the hassle.

Body WeightLbs (min-max)Size
30 lbs3-5Small
40 lbs4-6Small
50 lbs4-7Small
60 lbs5-8Small
70 lbs5-9Small
80 lbs6-10Medium
90 lbs7-10Medium
100 lbs8-12Medium
110 lbs8-13Medium
120 lbs10-15Medium
130 lbs-150 lbs10-16Large
160 lbs-200 lbs10-18Large
210 lbs-220 lbs12-20Extra Large
230 lbs12-21Extra Large
240 lbs-270 lbs12-22Extra Large
280+ lbs14-24Extra Large

N:B: Make sure that you consult a licensed therapist for the perfect weight and size if willing to use a weighted blanket for a specific treatment or disorder.


Since the talking about disorders is brought up, various type of sensory disorders exist. And whether we like it or not, people around us – maybe one that you are fond of, or maybe you might be a victim of these disorders. There are various treatments available for this occurrence. A weighted blanket is the most used and suggested preliminary treatment. You should obviously try a weighted blanket.

And for a sound, sweet sleep? Nothing can beat a weighted blanket. Tensed about getting the proper sizing and weight for you?  Here’s your answer, all you have to do now, is just to try one out now.

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