MiR Weighted Vest Review: Should You Go For It?

MiR Weighted Vest Review

The MiR weighted vest is designed for all sort of training that requires immense muscle strength.  It stands as your protection from any injury caused by unequal distribution of weight during the training. Using this vest can help you take all the pressure physically.

Another purpose of using this vest is that it helps you burn calories faster when you are physically active. When you wear this vest during hiking, running or workout, you perspire quickly. Therefore, it maximizes the result of losing weight.

This Mir weighted vest review aims to help the fitness enthusiast and athletes how a vest contributes to your training and how to choose the best sports vest that would perfectly match your needs.

We provide tips and on what a sports vest must have or made off to make it your choice for comfort and durability?

We also provide relevant information about a good vest that would perfectly match your purpose and needs. The Mir weighted vest (50LBS) is one of my top choices, so I will give you all the reasons why.

MiR Weighted Vest Review

mir adjustable weighted vest

1. Double padded shoulder: the padding which is contoured on your shoulder is designed for added maximum comfort.

2. Vented mesh: it is for breathability especially when it is sweltering. The vented mesh reduces the temperature and allows breathability for the uses.

3. Adjustable weight: this weighted vest can be adjusted from 3 to 60lbs to increase the resistance adeptness. The removable weight which is located in the torso is designed to protect the stomach from injury during training. In adjusting the weight level, just transfer the weights from the packets to your desired level. It is secured with durable Velcro closure.

4. Two Adjustable straps: These two easy to adjust straps can be adjusted underneath to fit your body length. Just slide the ring up and down through the D rings.

PROS and CONS of MiR Weighted Vest

  • It is made from durable material for heavy duty use.
  • This adjustable vest can be adjusted to your desired level and weight.
  • It has padded shoulders provide comfort
  • It also provides breathability due to its vented mesh.
  • The removable weight also provides protection to your stomach.
  • It is not too comfortable for women, especially for large breasted women. But out of 10 women, only one complaint.

Customer Reviews:

Customers like this weighted vest because of its comfort and easy adjustability. For this comfort, they use this weighted vest for their daily exercise. We asked some users of different body structure about its adjustability, their reply was full of life. They said it’s awesome, and ended up recommending the MIR 50LBS.

So if you are searching for a comfortable and easy adjustable weighted vest for you then according to the customer’s view, MIR 50LBS Short Adjustable Weighted Vest will be the best choice for you.

Why should you buy MiR Weighted Vest?

If you have read all of the MiR Weighted Vest Review, you will find numerous reasons why you should buy this product. The price is reasonable, and you can guarantee that it is one of the best quality product.

The majority of the buyer praise its durability and the comfort it gives to the user. The padded shoulder and the vented mesh were designed for maximum comfort and breathability. Plus, its capability to be adjusted to your size is a big plus.

So when you choose a vest for your training or workout, make sure that the product that you buy is worth your money. It fits you well; it is comfortable to wear and made of durable material.


The MiR 50lbs short adjustable weighted vest is truly a remarkable fitness tool. It does only useful for protection of your chest and stomach from any injury, but it can also be used in some ways. If you think outside the box, a vest can help you burn calories faster.

The fitter you are, the more calories you burn all day. But the material is not too hot to wear. It is breathable which is paramount to most users. Aside from its comfort and durability, it is portable and adjustable. Therefore, Mir adjustable vest is highly recommended.


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