Schwinn 430 vs 470 Elliptical Trainer: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Schwinn 430 Vs 470 -FI

Elliptical trainers have built a bridge between your desire to get fitter and enjoying the comfort of your home. Schwinn is largely known in the fitness community for its best selling elliptical trainers.

Schwinn 430 and 470 both entered the market in the year 2013. They are two highly popular flagship front driven elliptical trainers by Schwinn.

Schwinn 470 and 430 elliptical are both high functioning smart exercise equipment. They simulate various workout programs including running, walking and stair climbing. Both elliptical machines are versatile equipment as far as workout programs go.

Besides that, they are smart devices loaded with features like goal tracking, personal data storage and data export. They serve as your home personal trainers.

Today we are going to pit these two great cross-trainers against each other.

Schwinn 430 vs 470 Reviews & Comparison Guide

Schwinn 430 Vs 470

Bottom Line Up Front:

We would recommend Schwinn 430 elliptical over Schwinn 470 for most users.

Similarities Between Schwinn 470 and Schwinn 430

Similarities Between Schwinn 470 and Schwinn 430

The two Schwinn elliptical trainers have many of the same features and functions. Let’s go over their shared attributes.


Schwinn 430 and 470 both operate with high-speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheels. The flywheels are coupled with Eddy Current Brake magnetic resistance. This provides a smooth revolution with no contraction or shakiness.

Wide Stride Length:

With wider stride lengths, you burn more calories. Both Schwinns come with a Precision Path stride with a length of 20 inches. The stride is designed for natural movement and a straight alignment for your spine.

Heart Rate Monitor:

Both of the elliptical machines come with a GRIP heart rate monitor. The heart rate tracker records heart rate inputs of multiple users for later use and observation.


The Schwinn elliptical machines are not just workout gears. You can set goals and track them in real time with both Schwinn 430 and 470. They can monitor and store workout data for multiple users. Based on those data, the machines are able to sketch up your personalized training plans.

Data Export and Connectivity:

We call the Schwinn elliptical machines smart for a reason. Schwinn 470 and 430 can be connected to the Schwinn Connect app. The app provides detailed analysis for training based on personal fitness data.

Schwinn Connect can be synced with My Fitness Pal – another app that provides personalized analysis for nutrition.

USB Charging:

Schwinn 470 and 430 elliptical both come with USB chargers for your electronic devices. They also sport a surface for you to lay a tablet computer down. You can watch Netflix or do whatever you want on the internet while you train. And your device will not run out of battery.

LCD Display:

Both machines feature dual window LCD displays. You can monitor your heart rate and calories burned in real time while you work out.


Schwinn 430 and 470 make sure you can comfortably mount and operate the machines. Apart from their flawless rotation, the machines provide wide foot paddles. The foot holders allow a large space for natural movement of your feet. The paddles are cushioned for comfort. You cannot stay longer on the equipment, if you cannot place your feet properly to begin with.

Moreover, the paddles articulate with the movement of your ankles. There is a 3-speed fan included in both elliptical machines. You can not only adjust its speed but also tilt the fan in whichever direction you need to.

Dual Handle Bars:

Both elliptical machines feature two sets of handlebars. One set is moving – it continuously syncs itself with the rhythm of your workout. Another set is static – to rest your hands when they are too tired.

Sound System:

Both elliptical machines have built-in acoustic chamber sound systems. The speakers produce great sound. And there are no noises coming from the machines to interrupt it.

Schwinn 470 – The Improvements

Schwinn 470Schwinn 470 does not cost an extra $200+ for anything. There are notable improvements in this elliptical machine when you compare it to Schwinn 430.

The Schwinn 470 elliptical was made for users who want to train on an intense level. If you are not one of those people, you may not have use for these fancy upgrades. Nonetheless, let’s have a look.

Motorized Ramp:

The ramp in the Schwinn 470 is motorized. The advantage with this is that you can adjust the 10-degree incline from the console itself. If you are in a workout program that requires you to change the incline during training sessions, you can do it from the console without dismounting the equipment.

Schwinn 430 has a 10-degree incline with adjustment options too. But you have to dismount and change the incline manually because the ramp is not motorized.

29 Built-in Workout Programs:

Schwinn 470 comes with 29 built-in workout programs, whereas Schwinn 430 comes with 22. The 470’s 29 programs include 12 preset profiles, 8 heart rate programs, 2 fitness tests, one recovery test and 4 custom programs.

Schwinn 430’s lacks as many workout programs. Still it has 9 preset profiles, 8 heart rates and customized program options.

Can Serve More Users:

Schwinn 470 can monitor and record workout statics of 4 different users, while the 430 can store data for only 2 users. If you have a large family of many fitness enthusiasts, Schwinn 470 will be the right choice for you even if you pay more. If you are going to use the elliptical trainer alone, you do not really need it.

Backlit Console:

The consoles in the Schwinn 470 are backlit with blue lights for better visibility. This is not a great upgrade from the 430. But if you are to spend that much on a cross-trainer, Schwinn made sure you enjoy all the fine things in your workout session.

Increased Resistance:

Schwinn 470 has 25 levels of Eddy Current magnetic resistance. This is 5 more levels than the 430 which has only 20 levels of ECB (Eddy Current Brake) magnetic resistance.

These extra levels can help you push yourself harder if you are one of those people who want to expand and intensify their workout regime.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Schwinn470 and 430

Advantages and Disadvantages of Schwinn 470 and Schwinn 430

Schwinn 430 Recumbent Exercise Bike Advantages/Disadvantages


From the analysis above, you can see how Schwinn 430 and 470 have more similarities than dissimilarities.

There are several things we liked about the Schwinn 430. Here are the pros –

  • Value for moneySchwinn 430 costs around $200 bucks less and provides essentially most of the great features.
  • In terms of comfort, Schwinn 430 is as eligible as the 470. The machine is easy to mount and leaves a low impact on joints.
  • Smooth Rotation and quiet operation.
  • App Connectivity
  • Quick Keys: Since it does not have automatic incline adjustment, all 10 of its quick keys are dedicated to resistance control.

However, the Schwinn 430 elliptical has a few drawbacks

  • Manual ramp range requires you to get off the machine if you want to adjust the incline. If you have to change the incline a few times per session, mounting and dismounting can get tiresome.
  • Accuracy: The heart rate monitor and calorie calculator are not always accurate.
  • Heavy: The machine weighs about 169 pounds. It is hard to move it around the house.
  • Less User Programs: It can support up to 2 users’ workout information. If you have many users for the elliptical machine, you will not be satisfied with the 430.
  • Display: Its display configuration is the same as the 470. But the 430’s display is not backlit, therefore it’s less visible during workout sessions.

Schwinn 470 Recumbent Exercise Bike Advantages/Disadvantages


It is pretty obvious that if you are into hardcore training, you would get more value out of Schwinn 470. Here’s why –

  • More preset workout programs – Schwinn 470 features a wide array of workout programs with options for customization. You can adapt to more workout regimes with this machine.
  • Motorized Ramp Range with quick keys – You can change the incline without dismounting right from the console with 5 dedicated quick keys
  • More levels of resistance – If you want to go extreme, this machine has more resistance levels you can explore to get fitter.
  • Supports 4 User Programs – Up to 4 users can use this elliptical trainer to its full potential.
  • Backlit Screen – The display appears brighter and is more visible than that of the 430’s.
  • 5 keys for resistance control.
  • Weighs less than the 430 at 163 pounds. It’s still hard to log around from one room to another.
  • More expensive.

Schwinn 430 vs 470 – Verdict

Schwinn 470 is a superior trainer with advanced features. We recommend it for users who actually need those extra features in order to train.

Since most users don’t need to change their incline during workout and resistance levels over 20, it doesn’t make sense to buy the 470.

Schwinn 430 will perfectly satisfy most users’ training needs at a much lower price tag.

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