Titin Weighted Shirt Review: Is it really premium quality?

titin weighted shirt

TITIN is one of its kinds that features the weighted compression shirt. It is equipped with the force weighted short system which provides a superlative training experience. However, this product cannot be shipped or delivered overtime in the International market. This apparel is specially designed for intensive workout regime.

Titin weighted shirt review


Titin Weighted Shirt Review1. Zippered Inner Shirt

The TITIN weighted shirt is characterized with the strategically placed zipper on the inner shirt have fourteen pockets that ensure the right fitting. These workout shirts are also filled with the hydrogel injected into the upper body parts.


2. Cold and Hot Therapy Enabled

The presence of Hydrogel in the hands and upper body enable the users to take hot and cold therapies by just simply heating the shirt in the microwave or by placing it in the chillers. In addition to this, the time required for heating or cooling is also not extensive making the product more attractive for the people.


3. Mechanism to Enhance Blood Circulation

The induction of the phenomena of hypergravity plays a vital role in improving the blood circulation. Additionally, the presence of hypergravity in these shirts has the ability to build the overall body strength and improve speed.


4. High-Quality Zipper

These workout shirts are also equipped with the high-quality zippers on the inner and outer surfaces. These zippers make taking off the shirt comparatively easier.


5. Proper Distribution of Weight

The TITIN shirts is a technology integrated piece of art that also fosters the proper distribution of weight with the help of compressions.


6. Double Stitching

The TITIN weighted shirt is also featured with the double stitching in the inner and outer linings. These stitching makes these workout shirts durable and performing more efficiently.


7. Odorless Appeal

The remarkable feature of these TITIN shirts is that it is made up of the compressions which bolt the body moisture that causes odor. The wetness wicking material used in these shirts contributes substantially to making this product unique from other apparels.

PROS and CONS of TITIN Weighted Shirt


The advantages of TITIN weighted shirts that make the product unique from others are listed below,

  • Healthy Lifestyle: The benefit of using the TITIN weighted shirts it promotes the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. The adoption of these shirts helps the users to tone their bodies in an ideal manner.
  • Treatment for the injuries: The noteworthy advantage of these TITIN weighted shirts can also be used to cure the muscular injuries. These shirts with the help of hot and cold therapy help in relieving the intensive pain. This feature of the product ensures the comfort and safety of the users.
  • Safe from germs and body odor: The usage of the wetness wicking material in the manufacturing of these workout shirts to safeguards the shirts from the germs. Plus, this characteristic also locks the sweat in getting absorbed which fosters the hygiene of the users.
  • Imperishability of Hydro Gel: The induced hydrogel is simply enduring which adds signifies the assurance of lifetime warranty of the shirt. Additionally, the infusion of the hydrogel also increases the strength and flexibility of the shirts. The adoption of TITIN weighted shirts refers to the best choice for the people seeking for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Suitable for Every Climate: These TITIN weighted shirts are adaptive which can be pulled up in any type of climate without any hassle.
The convictions of TITIN weighted shirts that are listed below,

  • High Price: The TITIN weighted shirts are criticized upon the price it is offered to the customers. The optimum prices of these workout shirts increase the aspect of risk incurred. The high prices of the product refrain an individual from investing in the purchase of such offering.
  • Elongated Delivery Time: Another conviction of intact with the TITIN weighted shirts is that a person has to wait for the product delivery for a certain time. Moreover, these workout shirts cannot be shipped internationally.
  • Keeps the Body under Stress: The TITIN weighted shirts are condemned for keeping the body under pressure constantly other than in the hours of workout. This characteristic of these shirts makes the entire workout process comparatively difficult for the starters.

How to place hydrogel into Titin Weighted Shirt by TITIN

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Compression Shirt Sizing

Titin Weighted Compression Shirt Sizing

Customer Views

The TITIN weighted shirt review for customers include the utilization of the product by the people that aimed to pursue a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, people in order to keep defined postures also adopt the TITIN weighted shirts. However, it is also used by the people in order to get rid of the muscular injuries caused due to the intensive workouts.


People should use this product in order to ensure the persuasion of active and healthy lifestyle without many efforts. Many people think a lot, do less. I hope you won’t be the same. Just start working out. The other will be sorted out later, all by itself. And yes, the TITIN Weighted Shirt will surely help you get the result boosted. Remember to purchase one before starting to sweat.

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