V-Force Weight Vest Review: An Exclusive Overview

V-Force Weight Vest Review

The V-Force Weight Vest is one of the most versatile and durable weight vests on the market today. This weight vest will help take your training to the next level. Irrespective of whether you are using it for recreation or sport, the V-force weighted vest will help enhance and speed up your results.

In addition, the vests come in a variety of styles and sizes and range from 25 to 150 pounds in weight. The following is an in-depth v-force weight vest review.

V-Force weight vest review

V-Force weight vest review

Why Should You Spend Dollars on V-Force Weight Vest? 

As a matter of fact, there are many different types of weight vests on the market but very few of them can match the comfort, durability, as well as convenience offered by V-Force.

This vest is in a class of its own; it has a compact, sleek look and is well fitting. In addition, it comes with a washable moisture removal layer that is quite awesome. It is arguably one of the best weighted vests on the market.

The V-Force Weight Vest Features in Detail

# Design: This weight vest is made of triple-layered nylon with reinforced stitching, fully padded shoulders, and heavy duty webbing. It comes with shoulder straps which are wide enough to carry the weight load and narrow enough to provide free range of motion.

The vest’s weight pockets are reinforced using heavy duty webbing and are closed with heavy duty loop tape and hook. In addition, the weights fit snugly against the body and into the pockets. The attachment strap, which is 2 inches wide, is adjustable uses a buckle and hook, as well as loop tape for a secure fit. One can also buy a sweat stopper liner separately.


# Style: The V-Force Weight Vest is available in different styles as follows:

1. Basketball vest: This weight vest comes with narrower shoulders as well as a narrow vest profile in order to provide the maximum possible range of motion. In addition, its smaller surface area allows it to carry a maximum weight of 30 pounds.

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2. Short Vest: This is the most popular version among the three versions of V-Force weight vests. It sits above the waist. Its padded shoulders help distribute the weight comfortably and evenly across the upper area of the body. The vest comes with side pockets at the back and front. This allows the user to distribute the weight.

3. Long Style Vest: This version sits right at the waistline and is specifically designed to distribute the weight more evenly across the entire upper region of the body. The pockets are found at the back and front of the vest, which allows the user to customize the load weight.


# Weight Load: The V-Force weight vest weight capacity ranges from 25 to 150 pounds. However, the basketball vest has a maximum weight of 30 pounds due to its smaller size. The short style vest’s weight capacity ranges from 25 to 100 pounds, while the large vest’s weight capacity ranges from 45 to 150 pounds. However, the 150 pounds long vest is made up of two 75 pounds’ vests that are designed to be used together.

# Comfort: The vest is designed in a way that makes it very comfortable when it comes to carrying the weight load. Its padded shoulder straps are quite wide and do provide enough comfort to the user while he/she is carrying the weight load. The straps are also narrow enough to allow free range of motion. In addition, the 2 inches wide attachment strap ensures there is no pinching or twisting. The attachment strap also hooks securely to the front part of the vest with a hook and loop tape, as well as a buckle, thus ensuring there is no side to side swaying of the weights.

# Colors: The vest comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including hunting camouflage and military.

PROS and CONS of V-Force Weight Vest

  • Solid Construction: The vest is made of triple- layered nylon with reinforced stitching, fully padded shoulders, as well as heavy duty webbing. It also comes with strong straps that have the capacity to carry the weight load adequately.
  • It’s resistant to moisture: The vest is made from materials that are moisture resistant.
  • Well-fitting: The vest does not stretch, fall apart, or sag.
  • All weights and belts are removable.
  • Warranty: The vest has a lifetime warranty.
  • Versatile: The V-Force comes in many styles and weight options which make it very versatile.
  • Styles: The vest comes in three different styles, meaning that you have the option of choosing the one you think is best for you.
  • Weight load: The vest has a weight load capacity ranging from 25 to 150 pounds.
  • Price: The V-Force is quite expensive and this is its major drawback.

User reviews

Many people who have bought the V-Force are very happy with it. The vest has been found to be ideal for running and strength training. Many customers also love the V-Force because of its versatility. Other users like the jacket because it is adjustable, meaning that it does not sag or stretch; it fits just right for every user. The general feeling among most users is that the V-Force is one of the most comfortable and convenient weight vests on the market.


If you are intending to buy a weight vest for recreation or sport, the V-Force is an ideal weight vest for you. The vest will certainly help take your training to the next level and also enhance your speed and results. Though it is a bit expensive, its ability to enhance your results from your workouts makes it a worthwhile investment. It gives value for money.

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Weight vests are an excellent way to add resistance to bodyweight exercises. Any exercise that you can do with bodyweight you can make harder with a weight vest. My best Strength Training Weight Vest is RUNFast The adjustable version. It is fantastic and available almost in any size (20lbs to 140lbs ). You can also choose whether to include shoulder pads or not (which will obviously affect the price). The shoulder pads would obviously help if you are planning on using heavier weights, but if you’re only wearing a 20lb vest you can probably save your money and avoid them.

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