Weighted Clothing Guide – A Definitive Guide For You in 2017

Best Weighted Clothing

weighted clothingYou may have heard of weighted clothing vest. It’s accepted widely as exercise accessories and warmly welcomed among its users.

But did you know that there are more types of clothing? Yes, there is for everyday use.

Well, to be precise- there are several types of weighted clothing and weighted vests are just one of them. This article is intended to discuss briefly these.

There are different types of weighted clothing available from different brands. More elaborate discussion is given below.

Check Best Weighted Clothing By Categories – Suggestions in 2017

Best Weighted Vest

The most famous form of weighted clothing – weighted vest – comes first. Weighted vests are likely to cover  up your but are also likely to put pressure on your entire upper body.

Anyway, there is always exception – some weighted vests can be much bulkier or much slimmer compared to the conventionally weighted vests.

There are several pockets sewn throughout a weighted vest. These pockets are used to hold the weights. The weight ingredient may vary from item to item.

Different weighted vests are built and designed for different purposes. But some weighted vests can be used for boosting output from every type of exercise, our best two weighted vests come from them.

It’s not like that other weighted vests lack quality, they are also good in terms of their respective area of usage.

#01 Hyperwear Weighted Vest – Most Adjustable Weighted vest

Hyperwear Weighted VestHyperwear weighted vest is the leading weighted vest of current weighted vest market. It is very popular among pro weighted enthusiasts because of its versatility.

It is very slim in size. So, it can be treated as a weighted clothing under clothes. There are many tiny pockets throughout the whole vest and these are filled with tiny weights made of steel.

The price of Hyperwear weighted vest may seem a bit excessive to you, the price comes of its convenience of use and patent protected the innovative design.

Weights are removable and very easy to put on or off. There are side laces to adjust according to your size acutely. Anyway, be sure to choose the right from small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large.

#02 Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest (Camouflage)- 40 lb weighted vest

Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted VestCross 101 camouflaged weighted vest comes next. Unlike the hyperwear weighted vest, it is not that compact in size.

But what really makes it one of the best weighted clothing is its different size option.

There are two design available of the Cross 101 weighted vest. The 12-lbs model is very compact. The weights are subtly distributed.

Another design is slightly bulky, but a sheer piece of art. The camouflaged texture is very attractive. Beside the alluring design, the weight adjustment is also very convenient.

The whole concept of the two designs is the most appealing in my opinion. It gives the users and consumers freedom to choose according to their necessities. There are several weight options available from 20lbs-60lbs.

The most popular model of the Cross 101 is the 40lbs model which is linked right below. It is the most optimal weight choice in my opinion. Anyway, you can still choose from other weight options. That is referred on the 2nd.

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Best Weighted Gloves

Weights can be put in wearable gloves. And the good part is, you can use these weighted gloves for cardio exercise. These are not limited within fists. Several applications of weighted gloves exist.

Furthermore, let’s not separate weighted gloves from its core use. Weighted gloves are known to be expert boosters for boxers and other martial artists.

To be precise, a weighted glove’s performance on boxing is outstanding, it actively increases a boxer’s hand speed. If you practice putting on weighted gloves, obviously you will perform much better and faster.

If you practice putting on a weighted glove, obviously you are likely to perform much better and faster while wearing regular boxing gloves. Facts.

Additionally, weighted gloves are getting more popular among women. Girls, rejoice!! The first weighted gloves that will be featured here is for girls.

#01 Nayoya Weighted Gloves for Women

Nayoya Weighted Gloves for WomenThis is one multi-purpose weighted glove designed for girls.

They are wearable gloves that carry weights, 1-pound on each glove.

This gloves can be used for MMA (Mixed martial arts), cardio aerobics – the one that requires you to punch on the void on your both side for cardio improvement.

Furthermore, in the meantime your shoulder will be strengthened too.

There are Velcro closures to enclose the weight. They are very easy to put on or off, making these weighted gloves a proper choice for weighted workouts.

They are also very efficient taking the comfort in account. While using weighted gloves, comfort is a good thing otherwise uncertain and unintended pain may arise.

#02 Meister Elite 1lb Weighted Workout Gloves

Meister Elite 1lb Weighted Workout GlovesThis one is for men. Premium and durable gloves holding 1 pound each. Made of neoprene, excellent material choice from Meister. Here’s mentionable that Meister co. is a dedicated MMA products manufacturer.

There is extended wrist wrap available for additional firm fitting. This secures the glove tightly and enhances the overall stability.

Another efficient feature here – Finger pull removal available.

It might seem silly feature to you, but I have been consistently getting complains from weighted gloves users that weighted gloves are great but they are quite a harass to put off.

Those gloves hold the fingers and get stuck. So here is another weighted clothing for everyday use for you.

Easy finger pull removal, it is one of the reasons the Meister Elite 1Lb weighted workout gloves being featured here.

Best Weighted Arm Sleeves

There are weighted clothing existed for almost every portion of your body nowadays. If you want to improve your arm strength and speed, you should use weighted arm sleeves. Weighted arm sleeves add little weight to your arms or forearms.

Did you notice the word “little” above? If not, please do so carefully.

Weighted arm sleeves are sensitive than other types. This is because weighted arm sleeves directly apply pressure to your shoulder and elbow joints.

Excessive weight is never recommended for weighted arm sleeves. Otherwise, the related injury may be brought.

SPRI Perfect Fit Arm Weights, 3 lbs

SPRI Perfect Fit Arm Weights, 3 lbs

Adjustable weighted arm sleeves. You can adjust the weight, you can adjust the closure too.

There are other weighted arm sleeves in the market but they are, to be precise, wrist weights.

Actually, weighted arm sleeves are still in experimental stage. This is a complete weighted arm sleeve.

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Best Weighted Shirts

Best weighted clothing under clothes option. Weighted shirts are compact in size, improvise the shape of your body and remain there.

Weighted shirts are usually formed as the muscles of upper human body are, weights are filled according to that ornamentation. This is the most appealing weighted clothing for this reason. You will look beautiful!!!

How does it works? Well the weights are placed on the joints of your upper body. Major muscle ameliorating points are directly affected by the weights thus improving your overall strength and increasing endurance.

Another impressive feature of weighted shirts is that they are moisture resistant. They allow you to stay cool while exercising by wicking off the moisture.

#01 TITIN® Force Full Weighted Shirt System

TITIN® Force Full Weighted Shirt SystemTitin is the most desired weighted shirt. This compressed shirt admirably grasps the weighted short system. A wise choice for working out.

There exists a feature named hypergravity, it allows the upper body to increase strength and enhance speed. Another feature is the proper distribution of weight.

The Titin weighted shirt is designed in such way that the weights are distributed advantageously to improve your overall performance.

Another great feature of the Titin Weighted shirt is the separate cold and hot therapy implementation. Hydro gel is used to apply the therapies.

It simply implements microwave and tweak the temperature.

#02 Maxi Sport – Weight Vest by Maxi Climber

Maxi Sport - Weight Vest by Maxi ClimberNeoprene made and iron sand weight equipped weighted shirt by maxi climber.

It is widely known as the weighted vest, but deducting the properties of a weighted shirt.

It is very compact in size, another weighted clothing under clothes option for weight lovers.

One size that fits the most. Adaptable straps to adjust the fitting.

Best Ankle or Wrist weights

Wrist weights are identical to weighted arm sleeves. You can see it as a shorter version of weighted arm sleeves that wraps your cuff. This fitness clothing can actively benefit while exercising using dumbbells.

Another useful application of wrist weights is to use while boxing or punching sand bags. It necessitates the hand speed while in real-time action without the ankle weights.

Normally wrist weights can be worn at ankle too. You can walk or run wearing this at your ankle.

#01 Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights

Valeo Adjustable Ankle Wrist WeightsThe Valeo adjustable wearable wrist weight can be worn on ankle too. The weight pockets are placed tactically. The weights are not bulky in size.

A snug fit throughout all the time you will be exercising

Padded weights support your arms, forearms and ankle workouts. There is no further weight assembly required. Very flexible, no irritation while working out.

#02 Zensufu Ankle or Wrist Weights Pair Set with Adjustable Strap

Zensufu Ankle or Wrist Weights Pair Set with Adjustable StrapIt can also be worn at ankle. A nice and aesthetic black carrying pouch will be provided.

Anyway, the weights here are sewn fixed inside. It cannot be modified. However, one should not use excessive weight in their weight arm clothing.

So, in this case it is not a problem. Convenient Velcro belts are used for firm and solid fittings. Different weight options are available before buying.

Like the Valeo one, weights are also padded here. You will not feel irritation or discomfort while building your arms or ankles.

Best Weighted Belts

Weighted belts are padded by default, usually placed around your waist. Weighted belts contain pockets throughout the texture. These pockets hold weights to add resistant.

The weighted belts are very fitness clothing solution for cardio exercises.

These are very much regulating in terms of weights. There are places for tiny weights. You can put weights on or off according to your comfort. Depends on you.

Anyway, the first weighted belt I’ll be featuring below has neither pockets nor weights. It has a weight dip belt that can carry weights.

#01 Harbinger Polypropylene Weight Dip Belt with 34-Inch Steel Chain

Harbinger Polypropylene Weight Dip Belt with 34-Inch Steel ChainAs I have said earlier, the Harbinger Polypropylene Weight Dip Belt does not actively hold weights.

It does not come with weights included.

A weight dip belt is included that is well capable of holding weight.

Sky is the limit. Wisely pick the weight as you can!!

#02 All Pro Weight Adjustable Power Stride Exercise Belt, 10-Pound

All Pro Weight Adjustable Power Stride Exercise Belt, 10-Pound10-pound exercise belt. One size, adjustable according to your waist measurement.

Quarter pound increment option.

Padded structure, comfortable. There are fluorescent strip lying in the belt. It is for the safety precaution while using at night. Full freedom during movement.

Best Weighted Shorts

This is a rare one. Usually, people do not use this that much. If you want to focus special parts of you’re the lower portion of your body, you should consider weighted shorts.

The special parts of your lower body refer to the quadriceps, knee joints and hip.

Weighted shorts are available in the variety of size usually. Since different people vary according to their waist size, you might find it difficult to get the perfect fit for yourself.

Usually, weighted shorts have pockets sewn inside that are filled with weights. Weights increment option is 1 pound normally.

#01 The TITIN Force Weighted Compression SHORTS System

The TITIN Force Weighted Compression SHORTS SystemA marvelous weighted short option to pair with the Titin weighted shirt. It is also manufactured by Titin.

Very positively congested, you can even wear it under your pants.

It is capable of creating additional force as a 35-pound weighted vest would do. Small, large, x, xx and xxx large sizes are available.


MIR - 45LBS ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED SHORTSWeighted short solution from another renown weighted vest manufacturer MiR®.

The main convenience of MiR® 45Lbs Adjustable weighted short is that is devoid of the limitation of waist adjusting havoc. There is an adjustable belt to fit all size.

Made of reinforced Nylon. It is good as it assures maximum comfort, and comfort is a necessity while you are working out wearing a weighted short.

Weighted Leg Sleeves

Weighted Leg SleevesThis type  is designed to boost your lower leg muscles while running. Normal weight option is from 1 pound to 6 pounds.

Different weighted leg sleeves follow the different types of design.

There are numerous weighted leg sleeves available in the market off different designs and types. Choose yours according to your comfort.

You should look for the one made of anti-bacterial fabric. It prevents skin irritation. Click on the link below to see some weighted leg sleeves.

Shoe Weights

Shoe WeightsShoe weights to finish off the list. Show weights are used to tweak the performance while you are running or sprinting.

Furthermore, any workout can be benefited while wearing shoe weights. It adds little weights to your leg. Whenever you do any type of exercise wearing shoe weight, output is enhanced.

Benefits of Weighted Clothing’s

This summarized section is intended for those who are still unaware of the benefits brought by weighted clothing. Adding weight while exercising always brings some extra output.

In one sentence, you can faster the output of workout wearing weighted clothing. Additionally, your bones will be forced to carry some extra weight along with your body weight. Thus, the bones grow thicker and stronger.

This also improves oxygen intake that improves overall performance and makes your cardiovascular system strong. Usually this is not gendered biased.

But sometimes, weighted clothing claim to be men’s fitness clothing or women’s fitness clothing. You can go for those as your gender. They tend to be useful.

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