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Hyperwear Weighted Vest Review: Why Don’t You Buy The Vest Out There?

Do you think that you workout wearing a weighted vest and you are super cool? Well, you are cool but super cool? I doubt that. It’s because the Hyperwear weighted vest is in the...
zfo weighted vest review fi

ZFO Weighted Vest Review: Is it Really Of Premium Quality?

Weighted vests are great. The whole concept of the weighted vest itself is great. But there’s one question remaining unanswered. Are all weighted vests capable of doing what it is intended to do? I...
V-Force Weight Vest Review

V-Force Weight Vest Review: An Exclusive Overview

The V-Force Weight Vest is one of the most versatile and durable weight vests on the market today. This weight vest will help take your training to the next level. Irrespective of whether you...
titin weighted shirt

Titin Weighted Shirt Review: Is it really premium quality?

TITIN is one of its kinds that features the weighted compression shirt. It is equipped with the force weighted short system which provides a superlative training experience. However, this product cannot be shipped or...
MiR Weighted Vest Review

MiR Weighted Vest Review: Should You Go For It?

The MiR weighted vest is designed for all sort of training that requires immense muscle strength.  It stands as your protection from any injury caused by unequal distribution of weight during the training. Using...