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Though free-hand exercises are suggested for the beginners, you will never go to the next level if won’t put up some weights. Well, there are a lot of controversies float around surrounding the usage of weight while exercising.

These debates are all about when to pick up weight, after what period of time one should take the weight, how one should pick up the weight. But there are no doubt and controversy about the usage of weight. You have to take weights, if you do want to come out bold.

Now, do you ever think why these controversies are here? What can possibly go wrong? You know what?

Everything can go wrong if you are not aware enough and do not know what you are doing. Usage of extensive weight boost up the serotonin and pressure directly into the working muscle, if everything goes right, you are now a big step ahead towards your fitness goal.

But if it is not, you are injured now and most probably you have made yourself banned from doing any sort of exercises. It is that important.

There are some accessories that must be used or worn before doing any sort of weightlifting exercises. They help to minimize the risk factors while doing weighted exercises.

Check the detailed infographic.

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