ZFO Weighted Vest Review: Is it Really Of Premium Quality?

zfo weighted vest review fi

Weighted vests are great. The whole concept of the weighted vest itself is great. But there’s one question remaining unanswered. Are all weighted vests capable of doing what it is intended to do?

I am afraid not. But no need to be worried. I am here and always will be, to point out the best weighted vests for you. Today I will be talking about a premium choice, I will review ZFO Weighted Vests today.

Now, first thing first. Did you hear about the ZFO weighted vests before? You must. If not, then you obviously heard about the MIR weighted vests. Both of them are manufactured by ZFOsports(R). The quality and durability of these weighted vests are maintained acutely. ZFO weighted vests are as like the renown MIR vests, just price reduced. Sounds promising, right?


ZFO Weighted Vest Review

The very first thing you need to consider while purchasing a weighted vest is its adjustability. In short, how it fits you. It is very important. If your weighted vest does not fit you right, it will bring injury. This very important matter is taken by ZFOsports with great importance, so no need to be worried about it either.

ZFO weighted vests are designed to fit you. ZFO weighted vests are born to fit you. They will stay tight in your body while working out your ass off.

In this part of ZFO weighted vest review, let’s get into the other key features of a ZFO weighted vest

zfo weighted vest review - 2# Velcro Belt: Was talking about the fitting. All ZFO weighted vests come with Velcro belts. It is a modified strap system that helps the ZFO weighted vest of yours fitted tightly on your body. Velcro belts are designed such way that all you need is to insert the belt tail into the head and keep pushing as it goes. Whenever you feel that it is tight enough, you just leave it there and it will remain tight there. A very safe and secure low time consuming fitting option.

# One size fits all: Again the marvelous portability of the Velcro belts. The Velcro belts are made with premium quality materials and made with wide encirclement. That makes the vest wide. Wear it and seal it. The extra clothing is managed beautifully, that won’t stress you a bit. One size fits all.

# Adjusted weight: There are several pre-loaded weight options available while you purchase a ZFO weighted vest. They weight options are mentioned specifically at the end of this article. And no matter what initial weight you pick to be shipped with your ZFO weighted vest, still they are further adjustable. That means say, you have chosen a 40Lbs ZFO weighted vest model, it is still further adjustable. You can reduce the initial weight of 40Lbs according to your limit if you find 40Lbs too much for you.

Available ZFO Weighted vests

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# 2.5 Pound increment: Increment is another important fact to look out while intending to purchase a best weighted vest. There is no point of having adjustable weight if the increment is too much. These vests have only 2.5Lbs increment. So whenever you feel that the weight should be reduced, but not much, only a little. This little increment or I may say, decrement will come in handy. Fabulous convenience.

# Add resistance: The ZFO weighted vests are designed such a way so that the weights have been installed when it is needed. The overall concept of weighted vest is a pure science itself, and if the weights are not placed in the right places right, it won’t affect your workout much. All you will be doing is carrying unnecessary weights that do nothing.
So that is all about having a weighted vest, and the ZFO weighted vest does these key things right.

# Instructions included: Many weighted vests lack this feature; they don’t include any necessary instructions about the vest. About how to add or remove weights or wearing method, This sort of things. ZFO weighted vests come with a nice practical instruction manual. There is not a single chance of going anything wrong.


zfo weighted vest review

What other buyers are talking about ZFO Weighted Vest

While looking for a perfect weighted vest for relatively shorter people, I found Logan’s review impressive.  He is short (5’5’’) and still founds the ZFO weighted vests the perfectly suitable one for himself.

“Usually short people suffocate whenever trying to use weighted vests as usually weighted vests are not made keeping short people in mind. It is good that the ZFO weighted vests are out of this barrier. It is still an optimum choice for short people.”

A certain Rachel came front and told about the ZFO weighted vests she bought. She likes the vest very much and among all of the good thing, she points out the killer outlook.

“According to her, for a woman who thinks about her outlook while running– the ZFO weighted vest is a must option. The vest is of the strong build itself with a killing outlook like a military outfit.”

Surely, if you are concerned about how you look while wearing it. The ZFO weighted vests are the one you should pick.

Now, here’s a negative one. Steve said that he loves the vest so much but about what he is bothered is the unavailability of the replacement weight.

“He lost some of his and could not find standalone replacement weights. It is surely a problem and I contacted ZFOsports about it. They accepted the fact and confirmed me that they are trying their best to ensure workarounds

So, since you are well aware of what other customers are saying about it, you are well known for its pros and cons by now. Here’s more specific pros and cons is identified for you to ease your quest.

PROS and CONS of ZFO Weighted Vest

  • Velcro belts for tight fitting
  • Great pricing!!!
  • Single design that is adjustable for all type of people
  • ONLY 2.5 increment
  • Slim
  • Heavyweight
  • Tough, killing outlook.
  • Some complains it smells bad out of the box
  • Overhead removal. Overhead removal design enhances the effectiveness of a weighted vest. But sideways or front removal system would be great anyways.

That’s all about the ZFO weighted vests. I like the product myself very much. It’s eye soothing, it will soothe your fitness goal too. Grab yours and start working out. Fitness should be above everything.



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